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This book is based on the practice of homeopathy, a practice that is primarily dedicated to the eradication of chronic conditions, and is intended for those who are interested in the basic correlations of health, disease, and treatment. It is designed to be easy to understand and written with captivating clarity. It is targeted both to young parents and to older generations, as well as medical laypersons, people with medical education, and practitioners. Everybody should read it once because it affects all of us, more than some people are inclined to believe! It is essentially about the common thread that permeates everything as mainly verified by a variety of chronic diseases in our day and age and the wealth of relevant, sometimes very detailed case studies from the practice of homeopathy. So I won’t be presenting any theses and hypotheses nor evangelizing any articles of faith. Rather, this book is about natural laws and their application for the benefit of the individual, for the benefit of everyone. This book is about things that we really should have been aware of from an early age or which should have already been taught in school.

This work addresses the natural laws and correlations affecting illness and health in a generally understandable way that most are unfamiliar with. Indeed, very few have even an inkling of them, because they are diametrically opposed to their previous knowledge they have never been revealed before and anywhere else. Nevertheless, everyone should be familiar with them from the bottom up, both for themselves and their families, since they are the key to the health of the individual as well as that of the general public and the entire planet.