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Homeopathy for Vacation and First Aid

Vacation Time – Time to Travel.

Have you already updated your homeopathic home remedy kit as well as your traveller first aid kit?
Here are some tips on what you should include in such homeopathic remedy kits and what you can do to help yourself quickly and safely.

Homeopathy Leather Bags for Travel

Of course, you should have some experience in the practice of homeopathy and also know about the potencies (low potencies, high potencies, acute potency selection in ongoing chronic treatment, etc.)

If you are proficient in the German language there is a book on this subject by Dr. Joachim-F. Grätz: „Die homöopathischen Potenzen – Ein Ratgeber aus der Praxis – Im Akutfall und bei anti-miasmatischer Kur“ (“The homeopathic potencies – A guide from a practitioner – In acute cases and during an ongoing anti-miasmatic treatment”):

Useful initial contingent of a homeopathic home remedy kit.
Over time, this will then grow with additional remedies, individually tailored for you and your family.
For download:   Homeopathic Home Remedy Kit

Small homeopathic traveller first aid kit for on the go with selected, frequent indications.
For download:   Homeopathic Traveller First Aid Kit

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