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A Book Goes Round the World

A book goes round the world, very much for the benefit of all people as well as for the blessing of humankind.

Gentle Medicine is the “bible” of medicine, comprehensive, competent, fascinating and capturing the roots of health and illness down to the last detail. It is not only unique in content, but also precious.”, so Peter Steffen states, editor-in-chief in Austria.

It is the “bible” of medicine for everyone. Common sense is enough to understand it. A university degree is not required.

The time is ripe for this information.

This book will change your worldview. Like a few hundred years ago regarding the sun and the earth. This is comparable with Galilei’s new worldview of Copernican heliocentrism (earth rotating daily and revolving around the sun).

Gentle Medicine
goes round the world.

A book goes round the world



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