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TV Show – Seven-Part Season – Classical Homeopathy

TV Show: Seven-Part Season on Classical Homeopathy by Dr. Grätz

This 7-part season Heilen mit Homöopathie (Healing with Homeopathy) was broadcast from mid-December 2021 to mid-March 2022 on the private Swiss television station QS24 Gesundheitsfernsehen (QS24 – Swiss Health TV) and is also permanently available on the Internet (

If you are fluent in German, here are the 8 videos about homeopathy by Dr. Grätz.
If not, it may be possible for you to watch the videos with live automatic auto-translated subtitles by Google (rough translation).
Maybe it makes sense to play the videos slower (e.g. 0.75) so that the automatic Google translation can follow better.

Settings button of the YouTube Video Player
To set up live automatic auto-translated captions (Subtitles/CC) please select Settings at the bottom right of the video player.
Then select Subtitle/CC; afterwards select German (auto-generated).
Select Subtitle/CC once again, then auto-translate, and finally select the language you want.


Video 1: Homeopathy – Healing with “Nothing”?

Video 2: The Miasms – The Difference Between “Acute” and “Chronic”

Video 3: The Miasms – Continuity in 3 Generations

Video 4: Microbes – The Nature of Microorganisms

Video 5: The Consequences of Symptom Suppression

Video 6: Children’s Diseases Seen Miasmatically



Radio Show: Classical Homeopathy by Dr. Grätz

Radio Interview: “Let’s Get ‘Chronically Healthy’!”


THE Book “Gentle Medicine”



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