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The potential of Homeopathy in Severe Acute Cases

You Don’t Have to Believe in it after All

The still widespread agnostic worldview as well as orthodox medicine still accuse homeopathy of being based on suggestion and having something occult about it. One must believe in it! In the homoeopathic remedies is demonstrably “nothing more in it” (“healing with nothing”, as it is often so often called) and pure alcohol or milk sugar cannot work medicinally!

The potential of homeopathy in severe acute cases, even when conventional medicine fails, without having to believe in it, demonstated by 2 small memorable examples:

•   Coma after Severe Traumatic Brain Injury in a Child
•   Condition after Snake Bite of a Black Adder in a Child

These two cases (click on the image) speak volumes; they are meant to illustrate that homeopathy is very powerful and that you don’t have to believe in it after all.

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