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Natural Laws

Natural Laws in Medicine

Natural laws simply ARE.
They’re always at work, whether we’re aware of them or not, whether we believe in them or not! We can’t compromise with them, change them, or outsmart them. Natural laws apply 100% of the time: they’re laws! Either you are pregnant or you’re not; you can’t be a “little pregnant”.

And this should also apply to medicine!

However, it does not! In today’s mainstream medicine, the general medical bases and views change every few years, depending on the “latest scientific findings”, which is actually a modern paraphrase for explanatory models, dogmas, beliefs, hypotheses, ideas, assumptions and last but not least interests. No trace of laws of nature!

The book “GENTLE MEDICINE – The True Causes of Disease, Healing, and Health” clears up with it, because such regularities exist nevertheless and can be used at any time. And already now, immediately!

THE book in today’s world – A unique book, which is mind-blowing and eye-openingYou will never again believe that diseases occur by chance, that we are simply afflicted, because everything has its causes, its meaning and its inner logic!

Be positively inspired in a time with so much fake news! A book that will open your eyes. Vital in these difficult times.

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Have fun reading!

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