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More than just satisfied readers

Some Readers’ Comments
  • “The GENTLE MEDICINE book has arrived safely today. – This morning’s timetable is disrupted, your book is addictive and I cannot put it down. … This is a wonderful book.”Francis Treuherz, per e-mail, 2/2021.
  • “… I have a complete rough draft now and am hoping you might be willing to read it and work with me on correcting translation errors. When I asked Fran who he would recommend, he said you were the ‘undoubted leader’. I have been reading your GENTLE MEDICINE. It’s fascinating and beautifully written.”Wenda O’Reilly, translator of the 6th edition of Organon.
  • “If only all homeopaths read GENTLE MEDICINE seriously, what a difference it could make to homoeopathic practice!
    GENTLE MEDICINE is a book any serious homeopath will appreciate; a treasure trove of information, worthy of being on our bookshelves and of being read, not just once, but time and again, like our Organon. I whole-heartedly recommend this book. Dr Grätz, thank you, for writing this amazing book which will inspire homeopaths and other health practitioners, for generations.”Dr. Firuzi Mehta, homeopathic doctor, Mumbai, India.
  • “This book is 573 pages and is VERY reasonably priced at $34.99. – You get a LOT of good information for your money here!”Dana Ullman, MPH and author, USA
  • “GENTLE MEDICINE is one of the longest, most intense and rewarding books I have ever read. It should be read and studied by all: students and teachers, newly qualified and veteran homeopaths alike.”Francis Treuherz, excerpt from the review in ‘NewHomeopath’, Journal of the Society of Homeopaths, UK, Spring 2021.
  • “This is not just another book on medicine. It is a MUST read book for practitioners of all systems of medicine with factual compulsive reports of authenticity that throws light on the invasion of reckless science and technology in the practice of medicine and it’s obnoxious implications for humanity and how the patients and people become an adage to such science and technology often leading to forfeiture of individual freedom to say ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ and how conscientious physician too can become a victim to this nefarious system of science and technology in the domain of medicine.
    In the background of present pandemic of COVID 19 and the accompanying fear psychosis and release of mass vaccination program, without adequate safety profiling, without any indemnification for adverse effects and loss of lives and the mode of trial and error experimentation of pushing every antiviral drug as a sort of knee jerk reaction and to the denial of decent and respectful homage to several lost lives, all in the fear of spread of the pandemic to denial of entry into shopping malls, buses and trains without any vax certificate and curbing the freedom of movement of people, reading of this book is a MUST for every human being of the world, ponder over it deeply and arrive at a conscientious decision making and needful action thereof.
    I think it is time to say goodbye and ‘NO’ to dirty sleaze, economics and politics of everything.”Dr. V. Subramanian, Homoeopath, India, via Facebook.
  • “Your book is so interesting. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. It now has pride of place on the office bookshelf .”Melissa Smith, Outreach & Communications Officer, ANH International, UK.
  • “… also some Spanish homeopaths are interested in your work, they say your book is the most complete book they have ever read.”Miguel Sáez, Spain.
  • “I purchased your book and have massively enjoyed reading it. The sections on miasms, vaccinations and epilepsy all made perfect sense to me. Also I like how you have added GNM and I can see how the principles work so nicely with homeopathy. – I just wish I could find another homeopath who understood LM potencies and how to select the correct anti-miasmatic remedy for chronic treatment. I am even more committed to work with a homeopath now after reading your book. It’s really great.”Daniel Murray, UK.
  • “I thoroughly enjoyed your book. … I have been reading homeopathy books for many years now and have been prescribing medicines too. But your approach towards medicine and disease is pretty unique even for the homeopathic community. … Thanks for the great book.”Dr. Gurucharan, India.
  • “This book is a trove of information. GENTLE MEDICINE is a real treasure!” – N. N., New York, USA.
  • “You have rare insights into so many aspects of healing. It’s always a pleasure to publish your work. Your papers have a level of excellence not often seen.”Alan V. Schmukler, Chief Editor at, Homeopathy 4 Everyone.
  • “It is really worthy to read GENTLE MEDICINE not only once but every year to update ourselves.” Dr. Kavita Chandak, homeopath, Nagpur, India.

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