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GM – What does it mean?

Gentle Medicine  –  What exactly does it mean?

GM – Paradigm Shift in Medicine

Gentle Medicine involves being one with nature.

  • No fighting or taking action against individual symptoms that must be eradicated at all costs and
  • No side effects or symptoms of poisoning from medication.

Gentle Medicine is based on the understanding of natural processes and laws and supports the body in its excretions and other functions.

  • No division into good and bad.
  • No calling microbes like streptococci, staphylococci, chlamydia, mycoplasma, plasmodia, etc. bad.

It is much more about understanding that such microbes have a specific (physiological) task and aren’t seeking to “attack” and destroy a human being out of the blue, as conventional medicine often claims.

Even fever is not demonized, but seen as a healing mosaic of the entire concerted healing process of the organism and must not be suppressed under any circumstances.

Everything has its inherent logic and meaning and is part of a higher-level, meaningful whole that Mother Nature has developed over millions of years.

In principle, every illness is a corrective action, a hint to change something in one’s life for the long term. Overcoming them, in the sense of real healing, can lead to a developmental leap (often observed after childhood diseases) or an expansion of consciousness.

The most important basic terms of the laws behind Gentle Medicine: Specifically, Gentle Medicine is about

  • the Classical Homeopathy of Dr. Hahnemann in the treatment of persistent chronic diseases, which are often regarded as incurable by conventional medicine, as well as
  • other fundamental, real natural laws regarding diseases used to develop a system for making diagnoses, discovered, developed and described by Dr. Hamer as being necessary to assess
  • the diseases themselves and
  • the progress of the healing process with any possible healing crises during therapy and
  • also the opposite, i.e. serious worsening of the disease,

as well as

  • what we know from today’s practice of trauma and emergency medicine, a small sub-area of the prevailing conventional medicine.

All three components together have existed independently of each other for years or even decades; homeopathy has continued for two centuries without having changed.

Merged into a consistent whole, however, they form the pillars of Gentle Medicine, the medicine for tomorrow that can already be a reality today.

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